A cafe-restaurant in Ankara. The project was to create a new and more contemporary identity for a modest pastry shop. Light colors and stainless steel elements are used to accentuate freshness and hygiene for this facility which provides service from the early hours of the morning to late at night.To be up to date with today’s lifestyle, TV screens are placed in various locations, including the rest rooms. The relatively small inner space serves as a showroom while the garden becomes the main space for siting and dining. A long green shrub wall surrounds the terrace sheltered by a large white awning where many flower-pots emphasizing the garden atmosphere. There are various sitting such as tables for two people or for groups, high tables for fast hung service and large armchairs for longer stops.The main idea was to create a homelike cozy space. Art Nouveau style flower patterns in bright colors are used both for the corporate identity and as a dominant decorative component.