Scala Hotels exterior reflects the character of its history and culture, while the interior is
Determined by clean lines, an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. Both public areas, 20 guest rooms and 8 suits provide a modern interpretation, comfort and luxury. Public areas are redefined and transformed into multi-functional spaces envisioned to appeal all needs. The lobby, incorperating polished granite floor, soft stone walls,a glass ceiling and rich wood furniture is a warm and inviting space. Scala hotel, restaurant .Light wood and cream toned fabrics along the windows contrast with the dark wood sculptural seating and artistically created dark blue mosaic surfaces, both appealing to different tastes and moods in the same space. The SPA is a tranquil space where indirect lighting through water creates a pleasant  atmosphere. The pebble laid floor, wooden deck and green grass wall brings in the a fresh outdoor sense. At the same time, a contemporary impression is created with a touch of modern art work and bright steel details